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why hire settlers

Because you want someone who’s an experienced professional, yet very easy to work with. That’s Us!

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We’ll produce a clear and easy to read report with comments, pictures and video, and increase your understanding of the property you are about to purchase or sell.

Your inspector is exceptionally good at organizing information, and getting across what’s important (and in Plain-English).

You’ll benefit from the “outsider’s perspective“. Our services are not paid from the sale. We simply see things from an analytical, real world perch, and bring a fresh perspective.

We also have a lot of experience across many professions: Heating and Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscaping, worker bee, Sales… In communicating via the written word. We’ll be able to relate to you and your home.

But here’s the best part: you hire us when you need us. Whether it’s a single family home, townhouse or condo, We’ll do great work for you, and then we’re done until you need us again. Be it three or six years – when you upgrade.

We are exactly what you were looking for.

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So, who hires Us??

Here’s a small cross-section of recent clients. This should give you a good idea if we are the right people for you:

If the above people above are even remotely similar to you, there’s a very good chance we can successfully work together.

Check out our Sample Report

We truly enjoy working for interested clients who value good work, and also want the best.