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Clients love our reports and personal friendly style. Many clients feel that we have been long-time friends even though we just met. Its’ a real compliment..  

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Clients typically hire us for many services. There are many types of homes commonly available here in New Jersey. If you decide to buy a home you will most likely end up choosing either a condo, townhouse, or a single family house.

Buyers inspections are for the home you are about to buy (buyers inspection)
Sellers inspections are for the seller to prepare the home to purchase (sellers inspection)
Investor inspections typically have a full inspection or could just hire us to look at the structure, roof , electrical or mechanical systems.
Commercial property purchases or a Building or space you want to lease. (this could be for a family doctor or dentist).
Mold Testing is also known as indoor air quality testing.
Radon Testing to find out the radon concentration in the home or commercial building.
Wood Destroying insect inspection is also known as a termite inspection – but it’s covers so much more.

Either way, you will be pleased to have us inspect whatever you buy. Your home is your castle and we are here to provide you a report that gets results.

Remember, a home inspection report needs clarity.

Your agent will need a properly worded report to help!

We are experienced licensed inspectors – and how and why deals fall apart. We consult in this respect, helping buyers and sometimes sellers find problem such as bad foundations, asbestos, knob and tube wiring, termite infestation, damages, mold and radon

Steve West


home inspector // owner

Steve West

Working with Clients is easy! We are real really easy to work with. We’re not “cheap”, but rates are reasonable, so anyone who wants to can afford to work with us.

We have a large referral base of real estate investors and prior clients that contact us whenever they need inspections or testing – We do the work, they pay, and we both move forward, until the next time.

Project size is not a factor. We can work together on one home inspection -multiple homes or small commercial buildings. Whatever you need is fine. We bill by the project, or for consulting / ongoing work, and can bill you hourly too. Again, whatever works.

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