Are you looking to get the Big Picture?

The first step in inspecting a home is to examine the big picture

It’s important to take notice of other homes around the property that I am inspecting.  Are the homes of a similar style?  Are there other homes of similar age and construction details?  Have there been modifications to the exterior of the building?  How is the workmanship?  You can get a general idea of the up keep of a home by taking notice of simple things. This is where my checklist begins.

A Home Inspection Checklist

Starting with the end in mind is important.  Settlers Home Inspections provides you a step-by-step process to easily understand your home and it’s systems.  No home is perfect and we expect to find issues such as plumbing leaks, foundation cracks, roof framing damage or mold in the crawlspace.  Ultimately, it is a comprehensive report that helps you makes your purchasing decisions by being properly informed. Click Here for a Sample Report.

You could be facing unseen trouble

Recently, while inspecting a homes garage we found that the sellers in order to install an overhead garage door cut the ceiling wood framing. Removing the roof trusses significantly weakened the structures ability to hold weight. During a snow storm it is possible the roof will sag or collapse. A trained and certified home inspector can help you identify the problems that could lead to major repairs.

Call today and speak with an inspector

We have your best interest in mind and will inspect your new home with the care and attention to detail that you deserve.

Be an Informed Home Buyer

Not knowing if your home harbors hidden issues can be scary. A Settlers home inspection can help you limit your exposure to costly repairs.

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